29. Broughton Road,   Milton Keynes Village,

Milton Keynes,   Buckinghamshire, MK10 9AH 

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Welcome to Water Willows

Situated in Milton Keynes, Water Willows are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of living willow structures and willow cuttings. On our website you will find one of the most diverse range of willow products for sale online, ranging from willow rods. living structures, obelisks, trellis, hurdles through to willow cuttings for windbreaks, hedging, biofuel, colour & basketry.

We also pride ourselves in being the only certified  / audited organic willow grower and suppliers in the UK growing over 150 varieties of willow on our copse  on the bank of the river Ouzel in the Buckinghamshire countryside as well as  our energy copse

See our living willow structures at THE ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS at KEW.


Tel:   0845 020 4225

Fax: 0845 686 2600


29. Broughton Road, Milton Keynes Village, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK10 9AH